How to Cast Your Inner Circle (With or Without Tools)

Circle-Casting With or Without Tools


Circle-Casting is one of the basics in Witchcraft. It is creating a detached space where magick can easily happen, and is separated from the original world (Gruben, 2017). Though there are Wiccans who think that Circle-Casting is unnecessary, other Wiccans do believe that it is important as it keeps you protected, and makes your magick more effective. You do not need a High Priest to do this; casting a circle may be done as a solitary or as a coven (Wright, 2018).

There are two reasons behind casting a circle. The first one is for protection.  During spell casting, metaphysical energies may attract spiritual beings that are lingering around; thus, you need a safe haven where you can keep the negative entities away. Magickal work leaves you in a trance that makes you defenseless; this is why it is essential that you have a space where you can get protection and help you focus. There are also many distractions outside the circle and your detached space helps you ignore what may disrupt your cast or ritual. The second reason is for containment. Just like how it keeps the negative entities away, the circle likewise keeps your ritual energies in; thus, making the magick stronger and more accurate.

There are different ways to cast a circle and each Wiccan may do it differently depending on which they believe works for them. Others create circles with no medium at all, while others use magickal tools. However, the key to Circle-Casting and the most important among others is your faith that you have casted your circle correctly. There is no exact method that makes a certain Circle-Casting better than another; it is mainly dependent on the will of the participants and other factors such as psychic geography (Gruben, 2017).




1. Prepare the Following for Your Circle-Casting:

  • Enough space for your circle
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Incense or Sage
  • Broom
  • Long piece of cord
  • Compass
  • A Representation of Each Element: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air
  • Athame/Wand (Note: Other wiccans use their fingers instead of wands)

2. Find a Place for Your Circle.

A traditional circle is usually around 9 diameters wide; however, it is important that your space will keep you undisturbed. Thus, it is not absolutely required to make a circle as big as this. As long as you find a perfect place to work in peace, it will work fine as well.

3. Find the Four Cardinal Points.

Using a compass, find the four cardinal points: North, South, East, and West. These points will be important once you call upon the spirits of each element.

4. Clean and Cleanse the Circle. 

Sweep with a broom the space you have decided to create a circle on. Although required per se, other wiccans do believe that this yields away the negative energies or entities that were residing in the place. In addition, you may cleanse the space through incorporating the four elements- a great example would be water for water, salt for earth, and the burning of incense or sage for the fire and air elements.

5. Lay Down the Representations of Each Element.

Begin to put each representation at their corresponding cardinal points: North for Earth, East for Air, South for Fire, and West for Water. Do this by imagining a circle around you- around 9 diameters wide to set up the boundaries of the circle.

6. Call Upon the Spirits of Each Element.

From the center, point towards the edge of the circle and spin clockwise (starting from east) while visualizing a white light entering through your crown, going to your tool, dispersing around, and creating the circle. Do this by facing and pointing your athame/wand/finger towards each cardinal point to call upon the spirits of the corresponding elements. There are different incantations to do this; it is mainly up to you on what you would like to chant. A simple example is facing west and saying, “Spirits of (Element), I call on you.”

After doing each for every element, begin to stretch your arms up and point towards the sky. Afterwards, slowly bring your hands back down to you. Imagine a white light and say, “Father of Sky, I call on you”

7. Begin with Your Spell Casting or Ritual.

Feeling protected and contained, you may now sit in the middle of the circle and proceed with spell casting or doing your ritual. 

8. Thank the Elements.

Once you’re done with your spells or rituals, do not forget to show gratitude to the spirits and elements. To do this, simply spin anti-clockwise and face each cardinal point and thank the corresponding elements. Starting from east and while imagining the white light disappearing as you slowly spin, show your thanks and declare that the circle is close by saying (Element), you were here, and I thank you. I now close this circle.” 

HOW TO CAST A CIRCLE (Without Tools)

You may also opt to cast a circle without tools; the main key in doing this is visualization. Whilst there are people who avoid visualizing because they feel like they are unable to do such task, it is most likely only because it is underused (Hart, 2018).  A little bit of practice can take you a long way.

1. Find A Place for Your Circle.

Similar to having tools, find a perfect space for your circle. The diameter of the area does not matter; however, keep in mind that the size might depend on the kind of magick that you are about to do. 

2. Visualize.

Begin to visualize a light coming from you that is slowly forming into a sphere, enveloping you. Believe that the sphere is a protective cast and purifies anything inside it. As you feel the warmth of your energy, say “As I will, the circle is cast.”

3. Begin with Your Spell Casting or Ritual.

4. Close the Circle.

After spellcasting or your rituals, you may now close the circle by visualizing the light coming back to you. Watch as the circle shrink and disappear to nothingness. Afterwards, say“The circle is closed but never broken.”

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