Can You Predict the Future Using Rune Stones?

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Runes were first used by Germanic countries as a system of writing and for a variety of purposes, particularly like an alphabet carved on rocks or wood. 

Like Tarot Cards, they are popular because of their divinatory purposes. However, runes do not exactly predict the unchangeable future just like tarot cards. Wiccans believe that there is no exact path that people are set to take or a future that will surely happen. They allow the concept of free will, thus, they can only predict your future should you do no changes to your present. With that, Wiccans believe that runes are mainly used as a guide on what to do when you have issues or problems, or serves a spiritual guidance for the future. Runes deal with your troubles that are deep in your subconscious. They focus on helping you with your worries by providing answers and assistance.

Runes are not only used for its spiritual counsel, but also as a tool for spellcasting and protection. There are usually 24 rune stones in total; however, there are some sets that come with more. Each rune has a different meaning and interpretation; these are important in knowing which rune to use for spellcasting and invocations. Physically, runes often come in oval or square-shaped wood, stones, clay, gemstones, shells or glass. Inscriptions are either painted or carved and may come in a variety of colors depending on its corresponding meaning.

“Wiccans believe that there is no exact path that people are set to take or a future that will surely happen.”

Much like before when warriors engraved their weapons with runic symbols for protection, modern spellcasting for protection is the same. Wiccans carve candles with runic symbols for spells and ask the powers of the four elements and the deities to protect them.

In creating your own runes, feel free to choose your own material for them; some prefer to create it using wood as some see it as the most perfect in spiritual beings but you need not do the same. It is not necessary to create your own set but some say this personal connection enables them to bond more with their tools. 

If creating your own set is too overwhelming, do not fret. There are other ways to feel connected with your runes, such as trying to bring it anywhere you go or use it as often as possible. These connections do not happen to every owner and rune set. Whilst there are sets that work for others, some sets might not work as well for you. It truly varies from person to person and depending on your intuition. 

After buying or creating your runes, it is best to cleanse them from any negative energy that it might have gotten or picked up during its creation or before you got it. There are different ways to do this and no method is the best. It all depends on you and whichever you feel is the most suiting and effective for cleansing. Others cleanse them through putting it under the moonlight or sunlight for hours, while others use sage and smoke them. Keep in mind that cleansing them does not only happen once; some even cleanse it every before and after use.  There will come a time that the runes no longer provide correct information; by then, you will know that it is time to cleanse them (Reith, 2017).


How to Use Runes for Divination

One Stone Method

Begin by placing all off the runes into a bag. Clear your mind and start thinking of the question or situation you would like to seek guidance on. Slowly put your hand into the bag and mix the stones inside. Ask the stones an open-ended question. With each question, get a stone and interpret what the answer is and how it works in your situation. 

Three Rune Layout

Begin by getting three runes from the bag and placing them onto the table. Arrange them from right to left with rune #1 at the utmost right. Rune #1 will represent your current situation, Rune #2 being the obstacle that you will face, and #3 as a likely solution. 

Four Stone Method

Begin by clearing your mind and focusing on the questions you’re seeking guidance on. Just like the one stone method, mix the stones inside the bag and ask the question. However, instead of just one, pick 4 stones one by one and lay them down onto the table. The four stones will represent the following, respectively: past influences, present influences, future influences, and behaviors and energies that will retain. 

Five Rune Layout

Randomly select five runes from the bag and place them down onto a cloth. The first rune will be in the middle and the remaining four should form a cross around it. The 2nd and 3rd rune is west and north of the middle stone, and the 4th and 5th stone is on the south and east of the middle rune, respectively. There are two ways to go about this method: either face the runes up one by one as you read them, or lay them all down faced-up as you put them onto the cloth. 

Runes #2 #1 and #5 which form a horizontal line represents your past, present, and future. Rune #4, south of the central rune, represent the problem you have to accept whilst rune #3 represents the needed help you may receive for the stated problem.

Casting Runes

Pour all 24 rune stones onto the table and read only those that are faced-up. Some believe this does not work as well as others, while some think that an advanced reader can only do this set-up. This method may be a little harder to read mainly because you may have up to 24 rune stones faced-up and you will have to read what it says as a whole.

Nine Rune Cast

Randomly pick 9 rune stones from the bag and scatter them down onto the cloth. Give attention to those which are faced-up and read them first. Those that are faced-down represent the future influences. Runes which are near the center relates the most to the present. If the runes are close or touching each other, it means that they are complementing influences while those that are on the opposite sides mean they are opposing influences.

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