A Guide To Wiccan Elements

A Guide To Wiccan Elements

You’re probably in your next steps of your Wiccan journey, and are wondering, what are these elements people talk about?

You do not have to look far. In this article we are here to give you a simple explanation of what these elements are. The importance elements are to the belief of Wicca, and its significance to one’s own relationship with nature

Wicca is the belief that humans are not dominant over nature and live in harmony with it. This is why the elements are important for the Wiccan belief. It has to be learned, understood and have a balance in it. With it, we’ll have a better understanding of the little wonders around us, and how greatly it can affect our lives.

Our One True Element

For starters, there is no such thing as having one’s true element. Believing in multiple elements in Wiccan is common for it represents humans as a whole.

There are four types of elements, namely Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These elements have different aspects. These aspects will help us in growing our knowledge of the elements of Wicca. 

Here, There, Everywhere: Air Element

The first element is Air. It is mostly associated with the mind and intellectual capabilities. It corresponds to the North direction, the season of winter, and the middle of the night. 

All our intellectual capabilities, our clerical thinking, the sarcasm we do to some people we talk to, these are all part of the Air element. Air greatly represents how our minds work, our ideas and even our dreams when we are sleeping.

The Green Planet: Earth Element

The Earth element is part in the Wiccan belief. It is connected to practicality and the thought of stability in life, materialism, and the physical world. That is why this element is called ‘Earth’ because it is everything we see and feel in physical world.

It corresponds to the East, spring season, and sunrise. Picture this element’s description with the colors of brown, green, earth tones, of brown, and the feeling of warmth. That’s what this element comprises all the things that we see and feel.

Everything that burns: Fire Element

The third element is Fire. The fire element represents the burning energy, passion, will, inspiration, creativity, etc. Everything that makes us passionate is connected to this element. 

The Fire element corresponds to the summer and the South direction. Fire is greatly connected our passion, our energies, our creativity etc. It’s a connection of the natural fire elements and our inner fire element, our burning inhibitions. 

Essential in every aspect: Water Element

The fourth element is connected to our emotions. This is Water. The water element is about the emotions, the intuition, the subconscious, the emotional aspects of love and femininity. It corresponds to the direction of the West, the fall or autumn season and the moment of twilight (not the famous vampire-werewolf movie Twilight okay?)

Below is a table that summarizes and simplifies the elements and their corresponding meanings. 

ElementInfoCorresponds to
AirMasculine, mind,  rational thinking, thoughts, wisdom, intellect etc. NorthWinterMiddle of the night
EarthFeminine, stability, practicality, materialism, physical EastSpringSunrise
FireMasculine, the will, passion, creativity, etc. SouthSummerMidday
WaterFeminine, emotions, intuition, the subconscious, WestAutumnTwilight

Can I control these elements?

Knowing these elements will make you wonder how to control them? Let’s leave that stuff to a deeper lesson on psychic abilities shall we. 

Controlling these elements doesn’t necessarily mean controlling their actual representations. These elements represent the physical nature and the nature within ourselves, and learning to control the things within ourselves, we believe, is much more beneficial to the world than learning how to control water in the water dispenser. 

How to really control elements

Researches have indicated that knowing how to control the elements is mostly about finding the balance within yourself and the world around you. Controlling the Water element is learning to understand and decipher in your own emotional behaviors. With the Fire element, you can learn how to foster your imagination for your creative pursuits. 

The Air element can help cultivate wisdom. Focus on how you can use your rational thinking into something that can benefit the world and yourself. If you want to control the Earth element, focus on the things that surround you, the world you’re currently living in and assess if you’re actually living a life in coordination with nature. If you’re slightly harming it in some ways, work hard to veer away from it.

Controlling and balancing

What was said at the start of this article are how all elements are present in our lives. There are elements largely relatable to us and it shows how we connect with them.  We learn about the elements, we can proceed to learning how to balance them within our lives. 

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