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Perhaps it was serendipity when I came across the movie The Craft. I wanted to watch a romantic-comedy movie starring a very popular actress but ended up watching the former instead. At that time, I had not known yet that this simple yet intriguing film would be the start of the spark I felt for witchcraft. At the age of 13, The Craft opened my eyes to the magical world of divination andspells; and for years, I’ve wished to learn more about Wicca and get a tarot deck of my own. At that time however, online shops barely existed and getting ahold of a tarot deck was all but a dream.

Four years later, I finally had the chance to buy my own personal deck. I could never forget the first time I held the cards with my own hands; it felt magickal and surreal. It was definitely a dream come true. Every single time I read the tarot was a very special moment for me and my bond with the cards grew stronger as I read them more. Since then, every time I travel, I seek that magickal feeling and buy more to add to my collection.

My habit never died down and it came to a point where I had too much items. I’ve also realized that while I was lucky enough to get my own tools, there are others who wish to have their own but couldn’t. With that thought in mind, in 2009, I opened the first Wiccan shop in the Philippines in hopes of providing Wiccans the tools they need.

Years after, Wiccan Online Shop is now managed by a group of solitary practitioners. Driven by our faith and passion, we wish to make every Wiccan dream come true by providing the tools in the most convenient way. To make this possible, WOS caters to everyone even outside the Philippines and provides a flexible mode of payment varying from Bank Deposits to Paypal.

We wish for everyone to experience the magickal feeling of reading a tarot card, lighting candles for the deities, creating their own altar, and even bonding with their tools. We personally source and handpick the items from all over the world to ensure the authenticity and quality. And we provide them in limited quantity for exclusivity and variety in our customers’ items.

Carefully prepared and packed, we wish to share this magickal feeling. Check out the shop for the available items and start awakening the magick in you.

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